Coptis Teeta (Huang Lian)

Symptoms:  Diarrhea, long or short term  

Controls bacterial and viral infections, relaxes spasms, lowers fevers and stimulates the circulation. It is locally analgesic and anaesthetic and is used in Chinese medicine as a general panacea with alterative, ophthalmic and pectoral activity. The root contains several compounds that are effective in inhibiting various bacteria and they are a safe and effective treatment for many ailments, such as some forms of dysentery, that are caused by bacteria.  Not for use with woman who is pregnant.

TyRadix Notoginseng (San Qi)

Symptoms: Bleeding, blood stasis, joint or abdominal pain

Stops bleeding and transforms blood stasis: for internal and external bleeding including vomiting blood, nosebleed and blood in urine or stool.  Because this herb can stop bleeding without causing blood stasis, it is widely used.

Traditional Herbs

Wheat and Jujube (Da Zao Tang)

‚ÄčSymptoms: Disorientation, melancholy, restless sleep, night sweats.

Nourishes the heart, calms the spirit and relieves anxiety.  Suitable for treating hysteria, sedates overexcited nerves.

Hemorrhoid Ointment (zhi cuang gao)

Symptoms: Hemorrhoids

Helps relieve the local itching and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.  Temporarily shrinks hemorrhoidal tissue and relieves burning. Temporarily provides a coating for relief of anorectal discomforts.  Temporarily protects the inflamed, irritated anorectal surface to help make bowel movements less painful.

Dr. Misch is introducing a line of

Traditional Oriental Herbs.  

Four Substance (si wu)

Symptoms: Female disorders, anemia, dry skin

Excellent for treating female disorders.  Promotes circulation and nourishment of the blood.  Used mostly in the treatment of anemia and dry skin.  A basic formula used by gynecologists to nourish the blood and regulate menstruation.

Reduces swelling and alleviates pain: the herb of choice for traumatic injuries, used for swelling and pain due to falls, fractures, contusions and sprains.  Effective for invigorating blood, it is used for chest and abdominal pain as well as joint pain that has been caused by blood stasis.