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Sinus Problems
"Every year during summer, I have problems with sinus congestion, causing both headaches and difficulty breathing. Since it's seasonal, l my doctors diagnosed it as allergies. I always have to take medications, but their effect was limited and short-acting.  I saw Dr. Misch this year for the same seasonal symptoms. She treated me with acupuncture just a short time and my sinus problems completely stopped. No more congestion or
runny nose, and I haven't had to take any medications since I had treatment by Dr. Misch."
-Marcelo T.

Back  Pain
"On my first day of filming a movie, I crashed the motorcycle I was riding. After being rushed to the hospital, I found out I had a concussion and an injury to my back that was going to prevent me from continuing with the film. I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Misch, and after the first treatment of acupuncture, I was able to move around well, and could finish my movie."
-Damian C.

"I've had high blood pressure for the last 10 year, but recently it reached critical levels. Dr. Misch prescribed herbs and acupuncture, and after a week my levels decreased by over 30 percent. Thank you, Dr. Misch."
-Peter A.

Chronic Bronchitis
"I have had chronic bronchitis since I was a child and have been unable to get help, despite many attempts, from my doctors over the years. Dr. Misch performed acupuncture and gave me an herbal medication, and to my amazement, in 5 days had gotten rid of
the cough and chest constriction I had experienced for 40 years."
- Kirk S.

Multiple Medical Issues
"I began seeing Dr. Misch 10 months ago at the urging of a friend, for back and leg pain which had not improved despite treatments. Dr. Misch did a thorough examination and acupuncture, and I am now
pain free since completing her program. Given that success, I consulted Dr. Misch about other problems, including a chronic cough and high blood pressure, for which numerous medicines didn't work.  Since she started treating those problems, my blood pressure is under much better control, and my cough is gone. I really appreciate Dr. Misch and her great care.
-Kathy B.


I met Dr.Misch last year.  I had severe hives from emotional stress.. my western medicine's doctor told me to take Benedryl... but didn't help me at all.  I went to see Dr.Misch... 90 % of hives went away with one treatment...  really amazing !!   She is such a great doctor and wonderful person, really caring and loving !   I highly recomend Dr.Misch !!

-Kuniko F.


I started seeing Dr. Misch for symptoms related to anxiety and also side effects of the medication I was taking. I can honestly say that I haven't felt this good in a long time. She has been able to assess my health and treat the symptoms very quickly. Outside of being a great Dr. she is a very caring and sweet person! I highly recommend.

-Brian D.


I woke up with major elbow pain.  I couldn't even touch the skin it was so painful.  I found Dr. Linda on yelp and I'm so glad I did!  She asked me a few questions and started to look for the pain source in my elbow.  She stuck one needle in my leg, and the pain was instantly lessened.  She let it sit for a few minutes then she rubbed my elbow vigorously and added three more needles on my head and one on my elbow.  I was there for maybe 20 minutes and the pain was gone.  I felt a tiny bit sore for the next day from the muscle work she did but my elbow hasn't hurt since.  I highly recommend her!!!

-Daisy R.