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Dr. Misch sees patients at her Marina Del Rey office Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. She works by appointment, but does see walk-ins when time is available. Alternative times, and house calls, may occasionally be possible by special arrangement at an additional cost.

Dr. Misch suggests that you schedule an appointment for yourself at a time when you will not feel rushed to get in and out of the office. She will need to obtain a thorough history from you and perform an exam, both of which are best done in a relaxed setting. In addition, the performance or instruction for your treatment is best carried out when you can relax and absorb what is being provided to you. Of course, if you are experiencing a rapidly advancing set of symptoms, then scheduling as soon as possible may be necessary regardless of your busy schedule. Otherwise, try to pick a time when you can get the maximum benefit from the treatment Dr. Misch will provide to you.

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